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Price Quote for Painting One Room

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Are you looking to give that one room in your house a unique makeover? A fresh coat of paint can do wonders, but you’re finding high price quotes from the professionals. Most painting companies are looking for big jobs to pay for their overhead. A one-room job may not be worth their time, and they could quote high as a result.

With my company, Randall Home Repair and Maintenance here in Montgomery, AL, It’s just me doing the work, so the small jobs, like painting one or two rooms is my specialty. I can offer low prices because I do not have the overhead, and just because I charge less does not mean low-quality work. On the contrary, I pride myself on my professional craftsmanship; I will take care and be respectful of your property.

To receive a quote, visit my website and fill out the form online, or give me a call, and I can give you a ballpark idea of what It would cost. For a more detailed quote, schedule a time for me to come out and look at it. When providing an in-person quote, we can go over the details like sheetrock repair, trim, and calking. If you need help finding the correct color, we can grab some samples and see how they do; after all, you want to be happy with the color; that’s pretty much the goal.

Also, I do more than paint. Check out my “Services” page for a list of the type of work I do.

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