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The Ideal Service for Property Owners

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Do you own a rental property? Or maybe 5 to 10 rental properties. Even if you are a property management group, you will need to keep up the maintenance of your investments. Keeping up with all the maintenance and repairs can be time-consuming and expensive, but they don't have to be. With 20 years of experience, I specialize in home repair and maintenance. Plus, I come with a very affordable rate; being a one-person operation, I don't have a lot of overhead; therefore, I don't need to charge as much. I offer many services from drywall to appliances, replacing filters, cleaning up for the following tenets to move in; I do a little of everything.

Depending on what type of property owner, I can adapt to your needs. For example, you may be someone who can't get to all the repairs and maintenance. Or you may be someone who likes to do all the repairs and maintenance, but may not be able to do certain things, like fixing the range/oven. That's where I can help. I Can offer a tailor-made service plan for your properties. Here's a list of some of the things I provide.


When tenets move out, I can get your property back to move-in ready condition. Clean the entire living space, from the kitchen to bathrooms, windows, and appliances; Patch drywall and paint all areas that need it. Refresh the bathroom. Remove old, discolored caulk and grout, and anything else that needs attention.

Give a home inspection

While the property is empty, I can give a detailed report with any concerning issues. Things I look at for are: water damage, rotting wood, testing all electrical outlets and fixtures, plumbing pipes, water pressure, and water heater, appliances, and anything else of concern. The best way to save money is to catch problems early and take care of them.

Replace filters and batteries. Your HVAC filters need replacing once a month, and your smoke alarms batters need replacing once a year. I also change the batteries in the thermostat and any other filters like the kitchen hood or refrigerator water filter.

Appliance maintenance. Extending the life of your appliances can be done with routine maintenance. You clean the coils on the refrigerator, flush the water heater, clean the dryer vent and replace the elements on your stove, cleaning the screams on water supply lines to the washing machine. Whatever your property has, I can help.

General home repairs. The door will not close, the bathroom door sticks, or the latch to the backyard gate is broken; I can take care of almost anything.

Bottom line, Randall Home Repairs and Maintenance provides a service that property management groups and landlords need at an affordable rate. If you need someone dependable, give me a try.

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